Information pursuant to Art. 24 of the Activities on Delivery of Services Act

Spasov & Bratanov Lawyers’ Partnership

Seat and Address
Office 10, Office Centre “Slavyanska”, 29A “Slavyanska” Street, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Telephone number
+359 (0)2 9801808

+359 (0)2 9802510


No. 3100000210, We are registered in the Register of Lawyers’ Partnership, maintained by the Sofia Bar Association pursuant to Protocol № 4/22 February 2005

Registration status of legal services
The Advocates Council at the Sofia Bar Association and the Supreme Bar Council are the competent authority governing the legal services provision.

BG 130087001

Professional Organization
Sofia Bar Association

Professional title

Lawyer’s Partnership

EU Member State
The Republic of Bulgaria

Applicable law

Bulgarian law, unless otherwise expressly agreed

Competent Court
Bulgarian Courts in Sofia, unless otherwise expressly agreed

Pricing of services
Our prices are determined on a case by case basis

Features of the Service
Legal services under Bulgarian law pursuant to the Advocacy Act, including legal consultations and advice in Bulgarian language and in English language; legal representation before courts, arbitration bodies, state authorities, etc.)

Insured for professional liability with ZAD “Lev Ins” AD, Sofia

Professional Rules
Among other, Advocacy Act, Ethical Code of the Advocate, Regulations of the Supreme Bar Council, Uniform Internal Rules of the Supreme Bar Council on control and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, Policy on procession and protection of personal data, Internal regulations